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United in Purpose: Creating Enterprises that Advance Humanity Through Green Innovation

Alonzi Ventures is dedicated to advancing green energy technology. We focus on nurturing companies that drive both success and a sustainable future for all.

About Us

Alonzi Venture is at the forefront of driving the world's shift towards a more sustainable future. We are committed to making a significant impact together by championing initiatives where transformation is most needed.

At the heart of Alonzi Venture is the belief that success is a collective effort, not a lone pursuit. As your trusted allies in the vibrant startup landscape, we dedicate ourselves to nurturing both emerging and experienced entrepreneurs. Our approach involves forming strategic alliances with local entities and industry thought leaders to forge a supportive ecosystem. This network offers startups access to essential resources, expert guidance, and exceptional opportunities for networking and investment.

Our focus is on investing in enterprises that are key to the world's transition to a greener, more sustainable state. We target companies engaged in the development of innovative products and services that support eco-friendly energy production, minimize energy usage, reduce emissions, and promote the recycling of energy."

Our Heartbeat

At Alonzi Venture, we firmly believe that innovation begins with people. We stand alongside visionary leaders who are reshaping the role of technology for a more sustainable world. Our support extends beyond just expertise; we provide a vast network to ensure our entrepreneurs possess everything they need to flourish.

Investment Focus

Our approach is strategic and focused:

  • Stage Alonzi Ventures is dedicated to propelling startups to new heights, regardless of their developmental stage. Whether they're just conceptualizing an idea or have been operational for over a year, every startup that joins us has one common goal: significant growth and progress within three months. Our mission is to ensure that, by the end of their journey with us, these startups are in a remarkably stronger position.
  • Vertical At Alonzi Ventures, we seek startups that stand out with dynamic, cooperative teams, groundbreaking ideas, revolutionary technologies, and resilient founders.
  • Geography While we are open to engaging with startups across the United States, our primary concentration is on the Pacific Northwest and Utah. These regions are celebrated for their entrepreneurial spirit and burgeoning technology sectors, making them fertile ground for innovative startups.
Investment Focus

Client's Reviews

Our Portfolio

Our Promise

Our Green Promise

Our focus areas include:

  • Clean Energy Technology
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Energy Storage and Battery Management
  • Energy Services and Trading
  • Water Sustainability

We seek startups with strong, united teams, bold visions, groundbreaking tech, and founders who face challenges head-on.

What We Offer

 Proven Process

Leverage our extensive experience to sidestep typical startup challenges.

 A Committed Team

Engage with our dedicated experts in marketing, design, and technology, who are ready to collaborate closely with you.

 Capital Partnership

We're invested in your success from the outset, offering financial backing and support throughout your journey.

How We Propel Innovation

At Alonzi Ventures, we act as the driving force that transforms extraordinary ideas into practical solutions. Our focus is on addressing the current challenges in energy and sustainability.

How We Help

We're the catalyst for turning exceptional ideas into tangible solutions that address today’s energy and sustainability challenges.

Our Community and Support System

Welcome to the Alonzi Tech Ecosystem – a dynamic community where founders can accelerate their startups' growth, gain valuable insights from industry trailblazers, and access an abundance of resources and investment opportunities.

Our Approach to Empowering Startups
  • The Alonzi Lab A dedicated space for fast-tracking the development of startups
  • Alonzi Ventures Provides not only funding but also continued support, with a collective aim to cultivate our Tough Tech Community towards lasting, significant change.