Job Title: CEO

Location: [Bellevue, WA]
About Alonzi Ventures:

Alonzi Ventures is a premier venture studio that specializes in the co-creation of world-class B2B SaaS startups. We bring together a passionate team of founders, operators, and designers with a proven track record of scaling software solutions. Our mission is to partner with driven entrepreneurs to develop innovative companies from the ground up, guiding them through to successful exits.

What We’re Looking For:

We are on the hunt for a visionary entrepreneur ready to step into a co-founding CEO role for our next venture. We want someone who's ready for a startup's ups and downs. You should be okay with not always knowing what's next, but ready to jump into action. You're the type who always has a new idea and wants to improve things. If you can pick the best ideas that make the biggest difference, that's a plus.

You get what it's like to start and run a business—the good and the tough parts. You're tough enough to handle it, and we'll be there to help you. Maybe you've started your own business, worked close to someone who has, or just tried out your own business projects.

You're good at understanding yourself and your surroundings, and you can think deeply about your actions. You're not shy about asking for help, you love to learn, and you're open to new ideas from others. You think clearly about why you do things and can handle feedback, changing your approach when need.

You're excited about fixing big issues, especially in important areas like the new economy, climate, social justice, and civic engagement. You believe in tackling the root problem, not just the quick fixes.

Lastly, you're a good person. You don't let pride get in the way and you always do the right thing. You work well with others, communicate clearly, and are thoughtful toward everyone—customers, teammates, and mentors. You inspire people to be their best selves.

What Alonzi Ventures Offers:
  • A Proven Process: We’ve done this before and made mistakes. We are here to help you avoid them.
  • A Committed Team: Gain immediate access to an elite team of marketers, designers, and technologists dedicated to the project's success.
  • Capital Partnership: As your co-founder and initial investor, we are committed to supporting the business's financial needs and growth.
Your Role as CEO:
  • Visionary Leadership: Drive the creation and growth of a new venture, leveraging our support system.
  • Industry Expertise: Bring your deep domain knowledge and strategic insights to identify and tackle key challenges within the industry.
  • Team and Business Building: Be at the helm of building a high-performing team, crafting a robust product, developing a sustainable revenue model, and engaging investors.
Expectations from You:
  • Commitment: This is a full-time, exclusive engagement where you will shape the venture's destiny.
  • Experience: Show us your track record of co-founding or leading an early stage company, or demonstrate equivalent experience in driving innovation within an established organization.
  • Strategic Skills: We value generalists with deep expertise in critical startup disciplines—be it sales, technology, product, design, or marketing.
  • Fundraising Prowess: Your experience in pitching and raising capital will be pivotal to the venture's growth.
What Success Looks Like:
  • Engagement: Work closely with our team for idea validation, prototyping, and product-market fit.
  • Execution: Be ready to pivot and iterate before we lock onto that game-changing idea.
  • Ownership: Lead the charge on all fronts, from product launch to market traction and fundraising, with significant equity in the venture.
  • Full-time Focus: A dedicated entrepreneur ready for an exclusive commitment.
  • Risk Capacity: A risk-taker aligned with our Entrepreneurial Risk Profile.
  • Domain Authority: You have a commanding grasp of your domain or industry and are driven to address its unique challenges.
  • Leadership Experience: Proven ability to co-found and steer an early-stage company, with a preference for B2B SaaS ventures.
  • Venture Ambition: Aspire to be a venture-backed co-founder.
  • Capital Raising: Skilled in engaging with investors and securing funding.
Join Us:

If you're fueled by the challenge and ready to lead the charge in SaaS innovation, we want to meet you. Apply by submitting your Resume and LinkedIn profile and share why you're the entrepreneur we're searching for.